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Peabody Sports Class III Dealer

Class III Dealer

Class Three (III) gun dealers are authorized to sell National Firearms Act (NFA) weapons, also called Title II weapons. These weapons are defined as Machine Guns, Suppressors, Destructive Devices, AOW's and Short Barreled Shotguns (SBS) and Rifles (SBR). Further definition of these products will be added to this site at a later date.

Contrary to what Urban Legend says, you CAN own these types of weapons legally in the State of Ohio. There is a legal process that you must follow, and Peabody Sports helps you navigate through the minefield.

Most common of these weapons are Suppressors. Suppressors are also popularly known as silencers, though no suppressor completely eliminates the noise of discharging a firearm. There are many nationally known manufacturers of Suppressors with many variations of sizes, calibers and claims of sound reduction. Here at Peabody Sports, we are proud to offer products from Yankee Hill Machine Co., Inc. Catalogs are available at our store, but you can visit their site online at the following link:

There are three primary methods for purchasing Suppressors. All three require you to first purchase the product to acquire a serial number. This serial number is required when filing your “FORM 4” with the NFA Branch of the ATF.

While we plan to add more information here in the future, I can’t for the moment think of a better explanation than as provided by Mr. Mark Janke at his site. This is a MUST READ for those of you that plan to purchase a NFA weapon.

Mr. Janke has most graciously agreed to allow us to link to his site and I am most thankful for his permission and his superb work on explaining the NFA process.

For a look-see at some of the products, and further answers to your NFA questions, please drop into the store and ask


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