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The FX reality series "30 Days" turned its sights on southwest Ohio for an episode about gun control. Pia Lalli, a Boston-area woman who opposes gun ownership for anyone outside law enforcement or the military, spent 30 days living with a gun . Lalli also spent three weeks working at Peabody Sports, a gun dealer on Wilmington Pike in Kettering. Created by Morgan Spurlock, "30 Days" follows a person on one side of a hot-button debate as they submerge themselves for 30 days within the culture of the opposing side. The "Gun Nation" episode filmed last August and September on FX. John Thyne, principal owner of Peabody Sports, defied Lalli's expectations."John is probably one of the best people I ever met in my life," she said. "It would have been a much different experience if he was the person that I spent the 30 days with. But it wouldn't have been as intense of a story line, because he's the legitimate gun dealer, he doesn't live way out in the outskirts and he's not really radical in his views."

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